Welcome to Northern Virginia School of Floral Design



Hands-on classes will be held the second Sunday of each month. Each class will be a different topic.  You do not need any design experience to take these classes.  You just need a desire to learn.  Take the class just for fun or to advance your design skills.  During the 2 hour class you will experience a lecture demonstration where you will explore the topic of the month in depth.  You will receive a handout explaining the topic of the month.  Following the lecture is your time to put into practice what you have learned.  The instructor will be walking the room coaching each person as student as needed.  You will get to take home an incredible design that you've personally made.  Each class promises to be filled with valuable information that will help you advance in your floral career.   At the end of each class, you will receive a certificate of completion.



Our mission statement is to introduce floral design to anyone who wishes to learn the art.  As well as, foster the established designer and help they advance their skills and knowledge of floral design.  Northern Virginia School of Floral Design will maintain the highest standards of floral education and professionalism.